“We’re living in a hyper accelerated era where advances in technology have doomed our culture. Before anything interesting can develop it’s blogged to death, marketed and raped until the next hot thing comes along, then repeat process”

Annon – As found in the comments section of http://www.nowtoronto.com

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  1. Interesting quote. But isn’t it the same force that generating these new technological solutions that’s killing them off? The hyperconnected dialogue just accelerates growth and death. You can’t have one and not the other. If it’s suggesting we don’t focus on refining the solution to a problem for long enough to make it work, then maybe, but its tradeoff might be in the speed of the evolution of “fitter” solutions.
    Having just typed that, I realised that many of the technological solutions are simply solving problems related to this hyperdialogue/flow of data itself, but isn’t it then dealing with its own limitations as they arise, learning, and growing?

  2. It strikes me as an incredibly narrow perspective on technological change.

    Only a small subset of potentialy impactful technological shifts are subject to the fanboy scrutiny, naysaying and “hyperdialogue” claimed here.

    Many scientists, technologists, engineers and the like are too busy doing genuine work to be bothered with the critiques of armchair experts and blog jockeys.

  3. Andre, I agree it is very narrow…. but the quote in context was not as narrow as it sounds. it was in an article about ‘Hipsters’ and really talked about cultural issues and how technology does remove a certain element of micro and self development to occur.

    In the total sense I agree with your sentiments, but in the area of public human behaviour and micro trends I deem this comment to be a poignant inisight.


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