The Rebound - National TV Show

Waking up the Entrepreneur in all of us

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NSW - Innovation & Productivity Council

'Appointed by the NSW Government and Honorary Stuart Ayres MP'

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The Eureka Report - Technology Sector

I've been commissioned by Alan Kohler and the InvestSmart Group to write a bi-monthly report on the big issues in the technology sector and their impact on financial markets.

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New TV Show - coming mid 2020

Steve is about to blast into your lounge room in 2020 with a new TV show all about the future. Be sure to sign up to his blog for private access to live recordings!

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House of the Future

I'm building the world's most modern house: It'll be 3D printed, fully off grid, IoT enabled, with Autonomous Transport optionality in regional Australia. To prove the technology - Steve Sammartino.

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Drones - Aust. Industry Standards (AIS)

Planning for Highways in the sky. Technical Advisory Committee - Remote Pilot Aircraft Systems (RPAS) for A.I.S.

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Super Awesome Micro Project

One Tweet funded this full-size, air-powered Lego hot rod.

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Lego Space Shuttle

On December 31, 2011, Raul Oiada, a Romanian physicist and self-taught rocket scientist (who taught himself English so he could read the books to teach himself rocketry) and Steve Sammartino, an Australian entrepreneur, launched a Lego Space Shuttle into space from Germany.

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