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The Great Fragmentation (2014)

A business survival manifesto for the technology revolution. This book is a wide story, the entire landscape assessment – it’s for serious business people who need more than disposable digital tactics.

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The Lessons School Forgot (2017)

The Lessons School Forgot is your instruction manual for hacking your mind and acquiring the skills to take control of your life and fortunes in the digital age

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Latest Blog Posts

The Exits Lounge 5 days ago

Looking for a new job is generally a stealth project. Secretly updating CV’s, sneaking off for job interviews and quiet phone calls with recruiters. But imagine if a company encouraged staff planning on leaving to… [ READ POST ]

We’re the ghost in the machine 2 weeks ago

Worried about being taken over by robots? Here’s another thought: We are becoming robots. We’re merging with machines. I know this sounds scary, but the patterns of technology tell a story of what’s next. The… [ READ POST ]

The Age of Digital Colonialism 3 weeks ago

For the first time in Australia’s history, we no longer own or control all of our critical infrastructure. And to that list we can add any country which isn’t the USA or China. Welcome to… [ READ POST ]

What to teach your kids (& yourself) – My TED talk 4 weeks ago

The most common question I’m asked in my work is this: “What do you teach your kids?  How do you prepare them for an unknown future?” It really is the question. It’s also the topic… [ READ POST ]

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Steve Sammartino’s projects have earnt over 20 million plays on YouTube. He’s sent a lego space shuttle to space, created a car that runs on air, founded and sold start-ups, had his time in corporate like all of us, and inspired many of Australia’s largest companies looking to adapt to our changing future.

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