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The Great Fragmentation (2014)

A business survival manifesto for the technology revolution. This book is a wide story, the entire landscape assessment – it’s for serious business people who need more than disposable digital tactics.

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The Lessons School Forgot (2017)

The Lessons School Forgot is your instruction manual for hacking your mind and acquiring the skills to take control of your life and fortunes in the digital age

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Latest Blog Posts

The Other 1 Percent 1 week ago

Ferrari sales in Australia are up 17% on last year. While new car sales are down 3 percent. A new Gulfstream private jet has a 2 year wait list. By all accounts the one percent are… [ READ POST ]

The Secret Innovation Budget 2 weeks ago

Research & Development and Marketing traditionally lived in different worlds. R&D for innovation purpose happened in secret, in the lab, while Marketing was mostly just advertising. The advertising itself? Well, that was generally about convincing… [ READ POST ]

There’s only one real world 3 weeks ago

It’s very hard to understand the consequences of something when you can’t touch it, feel it and experience it in the physical form. Many of our virtual experiences seem displaced from a physical reality. It’s… [ READ POST ]

A New Retail Dynamic 1 month ago

Whenever we go on the internet to check out how much something costs, we expect that it could change by the day, the hour or even the minute. Heck, it feels like they put the… [ READ POST ]

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Steve Sammartino’s projects have earnt over 20 million plays on YouTube. He’s sent a lego space shuttle to space, created a car that runs on air, founded and sold start-ups, had his time in corporate like all of us, and inspired many of Australia’s largest companies looking to adapt to our changing future.

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