The Great Fragmentation

The days of being locked into a single career for life are long gone. It’s time to reinvent yourself, transform your life and work the new economy for everything it’s worth.

With the industrial age quickly vanishing in the rearview mirror, The Lessons School Forgot is your instruction manual for hacking your mind and acquiring the skills to take control of your life and fortunes in the digital age.

The Lessons School Forgot

A business survival manifesto for the technology revolution. The power bases of the industrial age are shifting and fragmenting. Power is no longer about size and ownership; power in a digital world is about access & connection. Existing businesses need to understand this shift to thrive or even survive the transition. Entrepreneurs and start-ups enabled by cheap & small technology are genuine threats in every industry.

This book is a wide story, the entire landscape assessment – it’s for serious business people who need more than disposable digital tactics.

Steve Sammartino’s projects have earnt over 20 million plays on YouTube, he’s sent a lego space shuttle to space, created a car that runs on air, made and sold start-ups, had his time in corporate like all of us, and inspired many of the worlds largest companies looking to adapt to our changing future.

He simply thinks differently than how the industrial revolution trained us all.

Read his blog, buy (or borrow) his books or hire him to speak on the future global economy, education, technology or whatever is most relevant to your future.