The most important startup

I am incredibly happy with the following things:

– My relationship with my family (immediate and wider family)

– The state of my health. I fit and well enough to enjoy, people life and exercise.

– Where I live. Yarraville, Melbourne, Australia. In fact so much so that I evangelize it.

– My house. A beautiful little renovated Edwardian, not big but it’s just right for me and my wife.

– The state of my country Australia. It allows us to practice any religion / or not and live a free life with opportunity.

– How I invest my spare time. I like surfing, gym and mountain bike riding.

РThe fact that I am continuing a vocation of learning.  Both in life and academically in my areas of interest.

– The work I do. Running teaching at Melbourne University and writing this blog.

If any of these parts of your life aren’t right. If we are not quite happy with them, no less totally unhappy with them. Then this is the most important startup we can focus on. The start required to change it. Start today.

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Quote from Warren Buffett

Here’s a quote for Warren Buffett – who has been consistently among the few richest people in the world for the past 20 years or so.

“To invest successfully over a lifetime does not require a stratospheric IQ, unusual insights, or inside information. What’s needed is sound intellectual framework for making decisions and to keep emotions from eroding that framework.”


Firstly let’s define investing as something which we we see as worth putting a consistent effort into to achieve a long term result.

So it is fair to say we invest in many things such as family, health, finances and business ideas. The key interpretation from the above quote is that it’s not about being an intellectual guru, rather our success will be a function of having a robust framework to work towards. That this information is available to everyone, and if we have to the discipline to stick to it our investments will yield results far beyond our expectation.


The importance of health

Today I can hardly move. I injured my back severely while surfing on the weekend, and pretty much had to crawl out of bed to get myself to a physician.

More than anything I deserve it. I have been neglecting my health recently. Finding¬† a reason not to go to the gym, putting off exercise and doing that little bit of extra work. Putting ‘that’ above ‘me’ is a bad mistake. It’s an immediate reminder of this: Without your health you have nothing. No amount of money or success can replace it.


If you want to start anything worth doing, start looking after yourself. Your health should be number 1 on the priority list at all times. Above any goal, any project or any material desire. And that means scheduling in exercise and eating well, regardless of what it must replace. If your job or startup is impacting your health, then you need to to quit and start something which is more complimentary to long term living.

Stay healthy.