Kulula Air – Eyeball worthy

I was recently email some pics of Kulula Airlines livery. I’d describe it as eyeball worthy. Because it’s worth looking at, it’s worth talking about. There is no shortage of in cabin jokes from cabin crew while talking to passengers, but few have the courage to paint their personality on the fuselage like Kalula have. In an era of media proliferation, the trick any startup needs to master is the ability to be talked about. Nice work Kulula.


Planning – Make it fun

No surprise that we do a better job at stuff we enjoy. So why not make planning your day,  week or goals a bit of fun? Given our plans are so important we’ve got to give them the attention they deserve. Make them worth revisiting, worth re-looking at, more visual. Here’s a sample of my daily plans from the past couple of weeks.


They’re certainly more interesting than looking at a typed up plan page or some corporate power point presentation. I actually enjoy scribbling my ideas. And I don’t get lost, as each day is simply a new page (not the mess you see above!)- which I try and do the night before to let it sink in.

When startup stuff is boring – make it fun.


Creative Inspiration – visuals

Google images is a “good” place to find a photo or image – if we have it in mind.

Flickr is an “awesome” place for ‘creative inspiration’. When ever I’m struggling to find an image for something, and just can’t think of the best visual to do it…. I let the Flickr community do the thinking for me.

It’s a very cool way to leverage ‘semantic web’ for a visual solution. We can find visual interpretations our life experience would just never think of. Just click on the examples below and quickly scroll to see the great images we find for these words:








Sure, visuals aren’t game winning. But if we’re going to use them, they may as well be poignant and memorable. Oh yeh, be sure to use creative commons before you rip ’em.

(Irony – no visual in this post!)

Steve – founder rentoid.com