Planning – Make it fun

No surprise that we do a better job at stuff we enjoy. So why not make planning your day,  week or goals a bit of fun? Given our plans are so important we’ve got to give them the attention they deserve. Make them worth revisiting, worth re-looking at, more visual. Here’s a sample of my daily plans from the past couple of weeks.


They’re certainly more interesting than looking at a typed up plan page or some corporate power point presentation. I actually enjoy scribbling my ideas. And I don’t get lost, as each day is simply a new page (not the mess you see above!)- which I try and do the night before to let it sink in.

When startup stuff is boring – make it fun.


2 thoughts on “Planning – Make it fun

  1. I do agree with making your work more fun. Whatever creative way you can come up with, the better. Although these notes don’t look very organized, there is a great sense of entertainment.

  2. Couldn’t agree more Steve, I “scribble” my daily to-do lists on foolscap paper also because it flows more naturally. I began typing my to-do lists on the computer and syncing them with my iPhone through EverNote, but I found it would take me too long to type them all in and I wouldn’t refer to them often enough.

    Writing on paper and thinking with a pen in my hand allows me to make quick notes and “brain dump” everything I need to do in one hit. Much, much faster and easier to follow.

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