Why focusing on the latest trends in Silicon Valley probably wont end up in you becoming one

There’s an interesting link between startups, technology and fashion. Any industry which is defined by rapid change and innovation has a fashion element to it. The latest hot stuff which is getting attention, the stuff the market gets excited by, the stuff that gets media attention, the stuff that gets the fanboys and fangirls writing blog posts about it. The startup and technology media is very trend related. So much so that we all know what the hot spaces to be involved in are:

Wearables, 3D printing, Web of things, Drones, Crypto currency, Crowdfunding, and those other ones I’ve left out….

Get a Kickstarter project going with one of these topics in the header and it seems like the funding job is already half done. But if we want to go deeper on this issue as entrepreneurs, then we need to pay some close attention to what happens in the fashion industry itself. Those consuming the fashion and paying attention to it or rarely those who are actually creating it. There isn’t a correlation between being up with the latest trend and ever creating one. In fact, there’s a real danger in being obsessed with what others are doing. It means we’re following, not leading. Fans by definition are always a little bit behind the game – literally. Their focus is on appreciating what has already happened. It means that there might be an inordinate amount of time spent on keeping up.

It’s easy to understand why we might feel compelled to keep up. There’s a lot of social pressure in a sharing economy – the kudos that goes with knowing about the latest thing, using it, or owning the hardware. The ‘have you seen this’ side of the technology revolution.

Will knowing who raised x amount of capital help you raise capital?

Will having the latest apps on your smartphone help you build your app?

Probably not. Probably more of a distraction from the real work we need to do. Sure, be across the market place, but obsessions with the latest trends probably means we’ll never create one ourselves.


2 Comments Why focusing on the latest trends in Silicon Valley probably wont end up in you becoming one

  1. Chris Peters

    Hey Steve, I agree with you regarding the comment on not needing to know who is getting funding, but I have to disagree with you regarding jumping on new tech and apps. I believe using and interacting with the latest gadgets and App’s early on helps drive you to develop new ideas which may work or leverage off the latest piece of tech. I wouldn’t have developed the Quad Lock mounting system if I hadn’t got my hands on one of the first iPhone’s before they were released in Australia. Just playing with new technology early on is enough to spark a light bulb moment… which could grow into the next big thing!

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