Passion is not enough

We are often told we need to be passionate about our work, our startup or the product we are selling. And while it is true, it is also a little bit ephemeral. Today I heard a better way to describe what we need to do to sell our ideas from Brian Tracy – whose an old school business coach, though his approach is still highly relevant today. Brain says we need to be able to do this:

Transfer our enthusiasm.

I love it, and I’m going to use it as a way to judge myself after I present an idea or project to people in the future.


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  1. John Webb

    Hi Steve

    John FX Webb would like to catch up with you soon (only in the flesh – nothing else will do!)

    HedgeHogFX – – and now the latest is

    Where is the launch party of the Super Awesome being held, and on what day?

    Best John W

    PS I am very keen to transfer my enthusiasm for a number of things in my portfolio

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