Random things

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of random things I have done during my life:

Take gymnastics classes

Play Australian rules football

BMX race

High board diving

Build multiple cubby houses

Swim in the local river

Learn basic code on a 16kb ram TRS-80 computer in 1981.

Waste all my pocket money on video arcade games (think Galaga)

Water skiing

Mountain Bike racing

Had 9 broken arms (well the same 2 nine times)

Stand up comedy


Learn CPR

Do Surf Life Saving (so I could get free beach accommodation)

Live on a farm

Live in 4 of Australia’s 7 capital cities

Collect first issues of magazines ( I have many, it was a weird long term investment strategy)

Poultry farming

Start and sell a clothing company

Build a raft that sank on it’s first outing

Learn to speak Italian

Learn to speak Mandarin

Be a Sales Representative

Be a shelf stacker

A valet parking attendant (still my fav’ job ever… could write a movie about it)

Write a movie script (it’s waiting to be made)

Perfect break dancing (all the while wishing I lived in the Bronx)

Work in advertising

Lecture at University

Eat only frozen food for 6 months (don’t ask)

Your list is just as long as this list. Your list is probably more interesting than this list. This list that we all have tells us a great deal about our desires, our passions, our successes and our failures. It shows how much we know and what we are capable of. If we write it and study it closely it often gives us clues on the things that really mattered, and might just tell us what to do next.


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  1. Stephanie Bennis

    I think this is a VERY interesting list! It looks like you’ve had some great life experiences so far. Most importantly, you don’t overlook how special each one way. I don’t think mine would be nearly as long!

  2. Jonny Day

    Learn Spanish
    Learn Inline Hockey, Field Hockey, Ice Hockey
    Surf an Alaia
    Start Uni
    Graduate Uni
    Build Surfboard Fins
    Travel alot!!!
    Live in Canada
    Compete in Cocktail competitions
    Start a business – Cocktail Catering
    Start a second business – Mens Jewellery
    Stopped cocktail bartending and got a big persons job – Marketing
    Didn’t stop cocktail bartending – couldn’t do it, have two jobs instead.
    Race in boarder cross
    Present on small business
    Never broken a bone!! – touch wood
    Been dragged along a reef in Indonesia – Mentawai Islands
    Had minor head surgery by dodgy captain on boat
    Lived of blended fruit for a month
    Replied to a blog article.

    Good blog post. Got me thinking about my list.

  3. Jon

    Dude! You’re hardcore with sports. Totally true.

    The more we expand and diversify our lives, the more ideas and clues we get about what to do next. It keeps life interesting.

  4. Julie Taylor

    Love this post. I agree, it tells me a lot about what you are passionate about, perhaps what is not a focus for you (?) & what you are proud of. In fact, reading your list, it makes me curious about what my family & friends would have on theirs. Thanks for sharing.

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