The worlds first disloyalty card

Prufrock coffee who created the worlds first disloyalty card.

The card to encourages their clients to sample the wares of quality coffee shops around their local region in London. Which is completely counter intuitive to sound business practice.

How does it work?

If a disloyalty member tries all 8 coffees on the above card , it will earn you a free coffee at your next visit to Prufrock Coffee. The interesting part is that it was conceived to keep ‘coffee customers’ out of the four walls of the ever encroaching Starbucks behemoth. The disloyalty card created a community of coffee lovers that could compete the ‘way of an artisan’. Something Starbucks could never do. It might just help keep them out.  In this instance the community matters more than the trader. This is the new collaborative world we are in transition towards. A community who vest their interests in each other.

What can your startup do to flip the rules and do what a bigger competitor never could?


7 thoughts on “The worlds first disloyalty card

  1. I agree, very cool! I still like to get rewarded for my loyalty if I visit the same shops over and over again though and some of these places also participate in actual loyalty schemes too, dose for example are on Stampfeet, an iPhone app I use that features loyalty schemes of loads of other places around London too

  2. Love it! We could use this concept at Cupstart for sure.

    We’ve refused to work with the big chains as we’re only trying to promote a network of independent’s – people who really care about their coffee. We’re trying to promote the culture and by being associated with a number of quality venues, we could easily implement something like this. Thanks Steve.


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