Trim the ‘to do’ list

Small tip for startups for today.

Trim the ‘to do’ list and actually deliver on something.

All to often we get caught up in ‘options’ and priorities and a simple solution is to have 1 priority, and 1 thing to do.

Then do it.

Take your to do list and put everything which isn’t number one and file it in a digital format somewhere to return to later. This way you’ll ensure that the ideas and projects aren’t lost.

I know, you know this. I know you’ve heard this idea before…..

But if you’ve forgotten it, or you don’t do it – do you really know it?



  1. Sounds fantastic, but is it REALISTIC? Usually we have more than one thing to do in a day and as far as putting the other tasks into digital format, unless you mean mobile phone reminder, it will most certainly be forgotten.

  2. Of course it is realistic. For me my list of ‘projects sites on the right had side of my i-calendar on my mac where I can see it. it could be on your white board or pin board. The point is to do one thing at a time and not multi task. Multi tasking is the greates hoax of all time. Get the key thing done.

    Then promote another single item to do…


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