I’ve been thinking late that many of our so called labour saving inventions are simply a bad idea. Including but not limited to escalators, revolving doors, auto opening doors and electric hedge trimmers. These tiny ‘exercise saving’ devices have become so pervasive that we had to invent other little machines which are ‘labour creating’ – like gym memberships, treadmills and other contraptions we’d find in a gym….

Net result = obesity crisis

Picture 7

Here’s an idea: remove all the unneeded labour saving devices, (exclude those needed for disabled access) reduce energy requirements, remove the need for gyms and improve the health of the populous.

Startup crew out there – create something which helps society.



  1. “include those need for disabled access”

    is this what you meant to say? Seems like a bit of a bastard suggestion. “Screw you wheelchair kids, figure out your own way up the stairs!”

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