It’s never been easier to be mentored on a specific subject, from experts, for free. There are even live feedback mechanisms from other interested experts. It’s called blogging and you may think this is a ridiculous entry giving you’re reading one right now.

It’s only ridiculous if we fail to leverage the blogosphere to it’s full potential. Many of us don’t. We’ve got to get involved. Not be passive, ask questions, link, re-post and share with our crew.


The real power of such social media is dialogue. My favourite blog has 25,000+ readers a day. The publisher has his email address listed on it. When I email him a question he gets back to me within a day or two with an answer, a link, a blog entry or if I’m really lucky a free PDF copy of his latest book.

In fact some of my most valued mentors are colleagues I know in a similar space, or mind frame who write excellent blogs in their own right. I trust and value their opinion and so they are mentors to me also – even though – better that, they are half my age. Like Ross, Steve and Ben. Who are all as good or better than any celebrity business blogger you follow.

Go on, ask me a question!



  1. I totally agree, look around and you will find a bunch of people that you already use as informal and even unconscious mentors. And then there is the “strangers” that just helps because you ask or twit a question or initiative – thanks Ross Hill and Loïc Le Meur for being one of those.

    As the founder of Mentory – a global mentorship community. My goal is making it possible for everyone to experience the gift of giving as a mentor and learning as a protégé. I truly believe that we all have something great to give and knowledge to share, and why not cultivate the experience that is gathered all around the world – making us wiser and achieve our goals, and paying it forward to our community.

  2. I’m going to have to agree too, I don’t think anyone can stress enough how important and useful blogs are.

    To be able to go onto the World Wide Web, do a blog search for something that interests me, or I want to learn more about, or just read what other people think and have it all at my fingertips is amazing.

    If there is one piece of advice I tell my clients over and over again when they ask how to make their presence known on the web, “start blogging”!

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