Address is approximate – Imagination is vital

I came across this piece which is a totally brilliant mash up on of film making and Google maps. There is no real technical genius in this. A few simple time lapse techniques is all it is. The real value is the imagination need to think of this new use of an omnipresent technology. As I have said before the art of business in the new world is taking the seemingly disparate and creating new meaning.

This almost made me cry. Enjoy.
[vimeo w=400&h=225]

Address Is Approximate from The Theory on Vimeo.


Cool hunting – The tail of two movies

Yesterday I was sent links to two movies which were both entrepreneurial in nature / marketing related. Both revolve around the idea of paid brand ambassadors. One is a documentary on how clever ‘cool hunters’ are, and the other was a Hollywood fabrication of brand evangalists are infiltrating our circle of trust.

The Documentary trailer: The Influencers


The Hollywood trailer: The Joneses


The question it leaves in my mind is whether social media facilitates more authentic or inauthentic ‘hidden’ brand evangelists.


Corporate Escape Artist – Jake Lodwick channeling

I’ve recently happened upon the Odwick project from serial creative Jacob Lodwick (founder of Odwick is a 10 episode project I think most of my readers will like. I can’t describe it. It seriously blew me away. So much so that I was trying to find a reason to post one of his videos right here on Startup blog. Thankfully the second to last video in the Odwick project gave me that opportunity. It’s probably what many of us out there have felt while we resided in cubicle land, or still do feel if we haven’t managed to pull off an escape yet.