Top 10 AI Trends – 2024

The end of the year is near. Time for the Sammatron’s top 10 trends in AI.

And yes, the focus is purely on AI – because quite frankly that is the game when it comes to tech. It’s a revolution – and we are living in it. So here goes. Buckle up and be ready to have your mind expanded to the possibilities with high probability.

  1. Multi-Modal AI arrives: AI will move from something which generates a written answer, or generates a picture, or describes something, or computes, to something which does it all, at once and cross-references all the pieces of the puzzle. Yes, it will be just like us. Use multiple forms of intelligence simultaneously. In fact, it has already been announced and it will astound everyone. This will eventually lead to humanoid robots – with soft flesh-like exoskeletons with full humanlike capability. It’s all about biomimicry – We are building our own replacements.
  2. AI Discovers What Humans Can’t: There are 2 key areas AI might just save humanity. Energy and Healthcare. AI’s incredible ability to synthesize large swaths of data will enable it to discover new things we never would. New ways to generate energy and store it. Potential cures and preventions to disease. Many of the discoveries will occur in the area of molecular biology and nanotech.
  3. AI Digital Twins Become Commonplace: All of us will start creating digital twins of ourselves. Our own personal AI which replicates what we know, how we think and act on our behalf to help us get more done. As you know, I’ve already created a Steve Sammartino AI which has all the knowledge from my books, interviews, TV show, technology essays, and my other works and it is a pretty damn accurate approximation of what I’d say. Next year we’ll all start building these as tech companies make it as easy as social media. I’d also expect Apple to hit the market with their AI play and it will be this. An AI which learns from all the private data on your phone and becomes a second you. It will blow everyone’s mind and having it work for you will be as simple as pressing a button and giving it permissions on what you’ll let it do for you. It will even be able to answer the phone, in your voice and take calls and converse for you.
  4. Biometric Copyright Arrives: Laws will be passed which give people the copyright ownership of their biometric prints. Think face, voice, ideas, and likeness. Famous people are already licensing their ‘biology’ to AIs to make money. Fake versions of themselves. This will be like music and movies and brands having copyright protection. In a world where people can create versions of anyone – we will need legal protection of our personas – and it will happen.
  5. Corporate AIs Emerge: Every company will have an internal AI. All that information inside a company we usually have to trawl through the internal files database to find will be available on demand. Every spreadsheet, presentation, document, and even email. The AI will be able to service what the end user needs in a digestible format. It will be like an internal Chat GPT which knows everything about a company, and will be an incredible resource and time saver.
  6. Agent AIs Augment People: Agent AIs take user input, break it down into many small individual tasks, and work through them. Step by step, like any project manager would, only better. The main idea behind this is that it creates its own tasks. Each new task it gives itself will be based on the result of previous tasks and a predefined ‘objective’ which you have provided the Agent with. It’ll be like having a personal employee with a PhD in every subject imaginable, at your disposal, for free.
  7. GPTs are the New Apps: Next year OpenAI is launching a GPT store. Think App store, but it will be a place where you can make your own AI to do anything you can imagine. The crazy bit is that you won’t need to write computer code. Just give it written or verbal instructions on what you want it to do. Everyone will create AIs for everything. And if you build a good one, you’ll make money just like people have with apps.
  8. Chief AI Officers Enter the Corporate Realm: Progressive firms will start to install Chief AI Officers. People who create and manage AIs inside firms just like we manage Finance, brands, and production. This will be a high-paying role and be the second in charge to the CEO.
  9. AI Laws Get Serious: As all these ideas above emerge, Governments will get scared and pass laws to regulate. The challenge is that we don’t have the people inside Government who truly understand the gravity of this technology. While I don’t know what laws they will pass – if they had to pass one – I’d hope it is the simplest and most important. Every single time we interact with an AI – we will need to know it is an AI – we need to know what is real.
  10. Fears of AGI Get Real: We’ll start to wonder if this is a terminator moment – the tech will astound everyone and happen at such a fast pace that fears of Artificial General Intelligence will be taken seriously. If you want to get a little scared, you can watch a very short video I did on the subject. Personally, I think we are far off. We already have AI much smarter than many animals, and while animals are self-aware and set their own objectives – AI does not.

Lots to think about above – we are truly in a revolution. Thanks for reading this year and have a safe holiday season.

Keep Thinking,