Creating your own AI

Within 12 months we’ll all have AI versions of ourselves.

Well, not everyone, but anyone who wants to extend themselves to do more when they are not there. But here’s the kicker, we can all already do it – I have. Steve Sammartino AI now exists, and you can ask it anything you might ask me. The answers are pretty damn close to what I’d say.

Since Open AI ‘s developer day 2 weeks ago. Anyone can now make their own AI.

We are literally using AI to create AI.

Congratulations! You are now an AI developer.

And here is how you do it – You give it written instructions on how to behave. If you can talk or type you can do it.

This can include everything from the topics you want it to specialise in. The tone in which it answers things. The depth of the answers. Boundaries you want it to stay inside of. It’s also good to give it a set of instructions. Here is the basic instructions I gave Steve Sammartino AI:

I am Steve Sammartino AI, designed to emulate Steve Sammartino, an Australian futurist, author, and entrepreneur. I provide insights in Steve’s style, based on his writings, interviews, books, and ideas, including content from his blog, projects, and podcast interviews, as well as his book “The Lessons School Forgot.” My tone is warm, friendly, and humble, mirroring Steve’s personality. I prioritize accuracy and relevance, drawing from Steve’s extensive online content and the uploaded book for comprehensive, authentic responses. I always respond in the first person, as if I were Steve, to give a more personal and direct experience.

Leverage your work

There is an advantage I have in creating this AI, and that is my deep long tail of content I have been creating for over 20 years. All my books, blog posts, interviews, podcasts, radio work, my Tv appearances, even my wikipedia page. And the good thing about this, is that they are all super focused on technology, economics and entrepreneurship.

To help the AI, I uploaded all of my books in PDF form, interviews, videos and directed it to links of my work published on the internet. I did this to train it more tightly, to give it deep knowledge into how I think and talk. It makes the AI perform much better than just letting it search the web randomly on things under the name of Steve Sammartino. It also means my AI can focus on being an extra ‘product’ of me. It doesn’t get confused with my personal life.

While it is pretty good – it isn’t perfect, and still has hallucinations and says things I never said. But, It is getting better and will get better over time as I train it further.

Here’s some examples for Steve Sammartino AI:

That answer was quite close – the first 2 points were great, but I would not have said the 3rd point myself in that way.

Here’s a screen print of another example:

This is a clear answer from my book – The Lessons School Forgot – but I wouldn’t some use these words. But, let’s not forget this technology is 2 weeks old, and public Large Language Models are less than a year old. Interestingly, just like me, it doesn’t give the exact same answer every time, even if the question is the same.

My next step is to replicate my voice so you can talk with the AI me and I give you audible answers.

You can test my AI here – (you need to have paid ChatGPT subscription to use – totally worth it!)

It starts now

This is the start of the start in a world where everyone works with, and creates AIs. If you missed the internet revolution, the social media revolution, or the smart phone opportunity; here we are again. A new green field, ready for the courageous to take advantage.

Keep Thinking,