Robotic Love

Recently it was my daughter’s birthday. So I decided to write a poem about her as a gift.

Here it is:

Flora, a girl with a heart full of dreams. Turning thirteen, her future beams.

With a book in hand, she loves to read. Fantasy worlds, is where she likes to lead

Writing stories, her imagination flows. Creating characters, she knows and chose.

Drawing pictures, her talent is true. Artistic skills, she’ll always pursue.

Learning new things, her curious mind. Expanding her knowledge, she’s one of a kind.

With family by her side, laughter and cheer. Making memories, she holds dear

Playing piano, her fingers glide. Melodic notes, her heart resides.

Guitar sessions with dad, a special bond. Music brings them together, and beyond.

As she grows, her passions will bloom. A bright future, she’ll soon assume.

Happy 13th birthday Flora , keep shining bright – May your dreams take flight.

Of course, you already guessed that this was written by ChatGPT.

I’ll admit it isn’t the worlds greatest poem, I’ll call it serviceable, and better than I’d write. This is the prompt I gave ChatGPT to come up with it: “Make a poem, Make it rhyme. Let it be about a girl turning 13 whose name is Flora. Include the following topics; reading, writing, drawing, learning new things, hanging out with family, playing piano, having a guitar session with dad”.

So, I read this out to my daughter, who really likes it, and is quite emotional. She says; “It’s so beautiful! How long did it take? When did you write it?” I say; “Just now, took me about 30 seconds to generate using ChatGPT…”

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My daughter went from being moved to pretty disappointed. The poem hadn’t changed, just ‘where it came from’. She told me she liked it because I did it, not the words, and went on to say, it’s just not as good anymore. This is what we ought remember.

I knew this would happen, but I really wanted to see a real human reaction to Robot Love. (FYI – I wrote her something myself as well which I’ll keep private – I’m, not that evil).

I also told her why I did it and explained the new tech and pending impact of society. And she was totally cool with it and asked me to put the story in my new AI keynote, which I have.

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Here’s the Business Insight: When it comes to creativity, the future won’t be about whether AI can do it (it will be able) – it will be about choosing if we want it done by an AI, or human. Increasingly, we’ll need to choose between efficiency or humanity. Your customer should guide you. Depending on the context, how something was made is as important as what was created.

Keep thinking,