As you know I’m currently working on a new TV show called Future Sandwich. But quite frankly me and Tommy have contend and ideas pouring out of our ears. So we’ve decided to do a weekly web series called:

Now – Soon – Later

Each week we’ll take a tech topic in the news and break it down to these 3 little bits. Discuss what happening now, what will happen soon and where it’s going later. This week we talked about the inevitable Flying Taxi on the back of Uber Air and Lillium announcements. You’ll love my predictions… mind blowing.

Check out the First episode below – It’s a quick 4 mins and it’ll give you solid sound bites to take into the boardroom or next dinner party. It’s recorded with no-prep, off the cuff while cruising the means streets of Melbourne into the Future Sandwich TV Studio. You’ll dig it.

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