The those who can and those who teach lie

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You’ve heard the saying ‘there are those who can, and those who teach.’ Well, this is the greatest hoax of all time, well, maybe not all time, but it is definitely a hoax.

I’ve known people who are the worlds greatest at something, and can’t teach it.

I’ve known people who can’t do it, but teach it better than anyone who has ever done it.

I’ve known people who can do it, and teach it just as well.

I’ve known people who can’t do, or teach – but for some reason try to do both. (avoid these people where possible).

Here’s the thing, doing and teaching are both important. Two different skill sets. Add to this that two different students might have a completely opposite experience learning from someone…. one might love a teaching method which the other hates.

Arbitrary statements of truth are the real problem here. What works for one person might not work for another. What we need to do, is be smart enough to make up our own minds and forget the cliches, especially when it comes to making personal connections.

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