More proof there are many paths to the same destination

The people in this video below have been two of my digital mentors for a long time; Gary Vaynerchuk and Seth Godin. Seth even blurbed my book! Both are in a very similar market space, and I imagine they both share many of the same customers. They are both NYT best selling authors on business in the modern era. Both provide keynote speeches to old industrial centric businesses. Both are proponents of the new era of technology and the incredible opportunity it provides, but in short they are both teachers.

This video interview below has a lot of interesting tension throughout it.  While they respect each other, they clearly don’t agree on many things. They both employ different tactics, and have a different approach to essentially achieve a similar outcome. It’s more proof that there isn’t a way, but many ways. And even though their philosophies might differ, both are incredibly authentic in their approach and go about their work in a way which suits them. And that’s exactly what we should all do – be the best ‘us’.

It’s worth watching and a great reminder that our ideal strategy is probably the one that best matches our personality.


If you haven’t got time to watch the video – my favourite have is to turn any youtube content into an MP3 on this link. Then you can listen as a podcast.