You're too early for the market – so what

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So you’re a bit early… maybe you startup, or whatever project you have a deep need to undertake is far more important than that. Maybe it’s a gift to humanity.

When Gutenberg built his moveable type printing press around 1440 the market looked like this:

  •  7% of the population in Europe could read.
  • Reading glasses hadn’t been invented. (people didn’t know their eyes couldn’t focus that small!) 
  • There were no public libraries .
  • Schools for the public didn’t exist yet.
  • There were exactly zero bookshops.

Maybe he should’ve waited for Amazon to come along….. he did it anyway.

When Karl Benz built his first combustion engine car around 1882 the market looked like this:

  • No one knew how to drive an automobile
  • It was illegal to drive
  • There were no roads
  • It was slower than a horse
  • It was many thousands of times more expensive than a horse

Maybe he should have waited for the Autobahns to be built….. he did it anyway.

We can focus on what the market wants. Build them houses, sell them packaged food, and provide entertained where the good guy wins, or we can do a project for ourselves. When we do it for ourselves we only need to finish it to satisfy who it is for. And we might just make something the market really wants as well.

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