Here's the thing about push notifications

It depends on the context

No one likes it when people are pushy… so the mere concept of a push notification as a name seems kinda wrong to me. The thing I’d really like when it comes to an notifications from an app is this: A gift of understanding. Unexpected, surprising, delightful from someone you like, trust and maybe even love. Information  which is completely relevant and delivered just at the moment I need it.

The fact that push notifications are mostly ‘all or nothing’, pushes most of us into the nothing option. It also leaves a gaping void in the ability to make real connections with people using software together (the makers and the users, yes we use software together). The question of; “Do you want to receive push notifications?” can only ever be answered honestly with a “Well , it depends what it is.”

If your software business can create a one size fits one push notice with relevance, then you’ll be a company which moves beyond being pushy, to one which provides gifts.

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