Read this before you pick your startup launch date

Big Launch

Your startup launch date does not matter. Feel free to click out and get on with launching.

If you’re still reading here’s something to remember for picking a date to start or do anything. If you’re worrying about choosing a date to get going, you’re probably not focused on what matters. If someone came to me and said I’m thinking of launching before Christmas I’d say great, do it now, it might even be better because not many startups are launching at this time. If you came to me after Christmas and said I’m launching now, I’d say great, everyone is ready to get back into the swing of things for the new year. In fact, if you asked me what the very best time was to launch or do anything, I’d say right now. I would give you that answer no matter what the project or time of year. Now is as good a time as any, in fact it is always the best time since the past is already gone and the future is later than now. Sure, there are certain circumstances this may not apply, like rocket launches, but lets assume for now we’re all deeper inside the normal part of the curve.

According to wordpress, the best time for me to write a blog post is 8pm Tuesday. But I publish a post the second I write it. I know there is some ‘better time’, but as far as I can tell, progress always beats perfection.

Startup blog says – get going now. If you’re solving a real problem, you’re audience will forgive your imperfect timing.

You should totally read my book – The Great Fragmentation.