A list of things large companies could do without

I’ve spent an equal amount of time in large corporates and startups. With the success that large companies have achieved comes an entirely new set of cultures which they could do without. So here is my top 10 list of behaviours large companies could do without:

  1. Public reading events. Organise a room full of people and stop their work to read stuff to them instead of actually providing an inspiring change instigating presentation.
  2. Pre-meeting meetings: Getting everyone ‘on the same page’ – I felt sick writing that… yuck. Time wasting. Have some courage people.
  3. Promoting the best political performers: Ensuring the political champions kick on instead of those making a difference in the market.
  4. Skimp on the product: Remove cost from product instead of having a product in which customers would tolerate price rises for.
  5. Creating information spirals: Gathering more research to reduce risk and avoid making a ‘go’ decision while the market opportunity gets taken by nimble competitors.
  6. Developing slogans instead of getting stuff done: A company I worked for had a new one each year. One was Fewer Bigger Better. It was a great way to justify not doing anything.
  7. Developing internal language: Having a culture of industry jargon, codes and acronyms to create the ‘self aggrandising’ illusion of intelligence. Talking to themselves
  8. Mistake avoidance culture: Creating a fear of decision making, by rewarding staff for not making mistakes.
  9. Penny pinching: Closing the stationary cupboard during a tough year, yet the senior people can still afford those first class trips to international trade conferences.
  10. Global alignment: Ensuring the packaging for Australia is the same as the packaging in Lithuania when the product comes out of different factories and is served in different cultures. Confusing when global focus is a disadvantage.

What’s your favourite piece of corporate folly?


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  1. Corporate Life

    Quite interesting! I suppose there are several more ‘things’ that corporations can do without! I have a blog on the idiosyncrasies of corporate life – corporateife101.wordpress.com. Please take a look if you have the time. Best regards.

  2. Graham Apolony - Big Note Marketing

    While point 4 is correct, too often these days we are educated the expect lower prices and many people seem happy to settle for junk instead of quality. Just look at the average kitchen appliance these days, made to last 1 to 5 years rather than the 20 years they were expected to last a few decades ago.

    Look at our hardware and auto parts industries. Anyone selling quality parts these days (like Mitre 10 & Repco) are struggling to survive against the new world mega box suppliers like Supercheap Auto, Bunnings & Masters, with their massive ranges of cheap imports.

    Graham Apolony
    Big Note Marketing
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