the end of Monday

I’m pretty convinced that a sign of us living a good life is when all days seem to be created equally. When a Friday is equal to a Tuesday is equal to a Sunday is equal to a Monday. Entrepreneurship is about a lot of things; achieving something, recognition or maybe even wealth accumulation. But surely it’s about what the actual days feels like. Does it feel good in itself, or is it only serving those achievement type things mentioned above? When generating our next startup idea maybe we need to add another criterion to the expected market demand and business model considerations:

Would we be happy spending the 300 Mondays doing this?

If the answer to this is yes, then maybe the other factors don’t matter as much as we thought.



  1. Agreed, however the thing is the rest of the family, friends, customers, suppliers live in the ‘how awesome are Saturdays’ world.
    Doesn’t stop me enjoying the Monday morning news!

  2. Hi Steve – I’m a new follower but wanted to say I’ve really been enjoying what you write. I’ve just launched my own company and I completely agree with your views. If you don’t love it, don’t do it. It’s way too hard otherwise!

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