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I recently met someone at a conference I was speaking at. Afterwards we exchanged some emails on a new project he was working on. He needed a developer, but was nervous about sharing his idea with anyone. After I assured him that there is rarely currency in ideas, and having them stolen was a low risk, I offered to connect him with my development team. Which from my talk, he would’ve known they were overseas. He sent back an email which said:

Where are they based?

This was my response:

Based overseas…. Moldova to be precise. I’m sensing that might by why you asked…. 

Here’s a some better questions:

  • How good are there?
  • Are they trust worthy?
  • What do they cost?
  • How do I connect with them?

Often our perception makes us ask questions which are for the large part irrelevant.


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  1. IntelBoutique

    I find it challenging having to teach clients how to better ANSWER questions, than ask them. The problem — I believe — is understanding. Not understanding the question in my case, or not understanding collecting information, in the case of the gentleman you spoke to. Did you guide him to ask better questions for his own benefit?

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