Monday is your friend

I’m typing this on  a Sunday evening. I’ve had various times in my life when I used to hate Sunday, not due to its own features and benefits, but because it was the pre-amble to Monday. Mondayitus.  The dread for Monday was so deep and worrisome that it ruined the day before it which is was a free day. And what is more ironic is that I even liked Thursday more than I liked Friday, because Friday was too close to Monday. It is strange indeed how our minds can work. Sometimes it is worth listening to the strange.

Tonight, I went for a jog and I was genuinely excited about the week ahead and couldn’t even wait for Monday to get some of my projects underway. We are doing another world first for Tomcar Australia which will be global news. I’m attending the FML this Wednesday night to help jumpstart the maker movement in my fair city Melbourne. I’m working on a few Hackathons for some big corporates. I’m doing a new talk on the ‘future of work’, which I will deliver at the co-work in the lane way for the Hub Melbourne. Working on a new technology related property  development. Shipping the Super Awesome thing & person from Romania. Working on my new book and might even be launching my new startup by the end of the week. I can’t wait.

I’ve decided that Monday is our best friend. There is nothing more telling in life than how we feel about it. Monday knows all. It is about time we started listening to our internal mental Monday sermon and tried and create a Monday that Monday actually appreciates. I ignored Monday for a while, but now I’m listening to it again and it is helping me smile.

As far as I can tell our Mondays are the ultimate arbiter of happiness.


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  1. bradagency

    We certainly do live in exciting times! Thanks for the wise words of optimism, and for also summarizing the Guy Kawasaki ice-factory story in another post. Cheers. Brad Stewart

  2. Dave(e/id) Payne

    I can remember on Saturday night regretting there was only one whole day before the Mon to Friday freight train started crawling past. Maybe 2 10hour days, a day off & 2 more 10 hour days would get more & better work done than the 5 x 8 hour formula.

  3. MakeSales

    I’d like to know more about Tomcars. Sounds exciting for sure.
    Glad you are in a place where you look forward to Mondays!
    I remember seasons of hating Mondays and seasons of loving Mondays throughout my life.
    What I have come to conclude is when we are on a good track in our lives, business or career (or school) we can relax on Sunday because we know it doesn’t ALL have to be done on Monday.

    I LOVE my Mondays now because I am working in a way and in an industry that I love.
    Here’s to loving and living EVERY day in joy!

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