#BBB Launch Shindig

For people based in Melbourne the people behind the #BBB podcast are having a little get together tomorrow night >>> Details are here. 

We figure that given most of our audience are local why not get together, share some ideas, have a Q&A and a cheeky beer or two. We’ve already managed to pump out 7 episodes – my personal fav is the Business Horror Stories, which I did not participate it, but happened to have a personal horror story shared within the cast.

Here’s a more thorough list of what we’ve covered so far:

Listen to BBB right now

Here are the episodes so far:

Come along!



5 Comments #BBB Launch Shindig

  1. LaunchBox

    Darn it.

    What if you’re not a bloke (and don’t consider yourself a sheila either!) But a woman. I feel an identity crisis looming ;->

    Okay, being serious for a second:

    If you know of any productive equivalent feminine entrepreneur groups I am all ears OR Have you ever had the occasional woman ‘moments’ ?

    It’s great to touch base with likeminded all-rounders from time to time.

    Kind regards Amy Howe BDM Melbourne

  2. Steve Sammartino

    The name is just a simple reference to the few blokes who happened to start the podcast. Much like this network group http://www.businesschicks.com.au whose events I’ve been to and enjoyed immensely 🙂

    And the event will have an equal representation of ‘humanity’. So be sure to come along so we can all share our ideas 🙂

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