Monday thought starters

Today I was fortunate enough to be in the company of a few global thought leaders on life hacking and inventing money. Some of the ideas that were shared I hadn’t heard before, and others I knew and forgot (Which means I didn’t really know it). In any case, what better way than to start off the week by sharing a few of them here:

  • When someone asks you how you can repay them after teaching them something of value – this is a good answer: Teach as many people as you can what I taught you.
  • Wisdom is knowledge performed.
  • ‘Do Power’ is the key not Will Power.
  • In a developed economy, the amount of people who succeed is directly proportional to the amount who give up.
  • Most people are not smarter than you / me / us, they simply do more than you / me / us.
  • With a strong enough ‘why’ humans can do the most amazing things. The ‘why’ usually fails before anything else.
  • TV can also be known as an E.I.R – or an Electronic Income Reducer. Watching lots of un-educational TV is a wealth hazard.
  • All children are successful. But as they grow older they are taught to stop trying, stop failing, stop experimenting and stop having fun. This is why learning declines with age – it is not related to the body or the brains capacity to grow with age.
  • What most marketers learn to do is ‘bottle the concept’. What they sell is often not the product but the ephemeral nature of what it represents.
  • The more you go Pfff, the more life goes Pfff.
  • We shouldn’t lead the way, we need to lead the why.
  • The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho is now the 4th most read book in history. Worth a read if you haven’t yet.


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