Aquisitions, speed and unplanned exits

I heard this quote for the first time – not sure if it’s an old one. You could even argue it isn’t entirely true….But thought it was a simple reminder of the types of things we should consider while we move through startup land:

“The big do not always eat the small, but the fast always eat the slow.”



  1. I love this quote: the fast always eat the slow. At the end of the day, you just have to learn faster than the competition.

  2. Great blog! Lots of good helpful info here. We just launched yesterday come check us out sometime and keep up the good posts.

  3. That quote sure makes a lot of sense. In business, it’s a fact that the innovative and fast-growing will always dominate the stagnant and the laggards. It sure is fine to be slow and careful, but in the long run, an entrepreneur should learn to pick up haste, or he’ll get left behind and fall prey to his better colleagues.

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