The 'have you seen' society

While the sharing of ideas on the social web has enlightened us all, it has also turned us into a ‘have you seen’ society. A society where people want to be first to know and first to show. A community of finders, fans and agents. To the point where it consumes time we could be putting into our own projects, where we could be the thing being shared. While curating the cool stuff has a value, and we all do it, there is a simple thing we should remember –  Without creation than can be no curation. And curation is always subservient to what is being created.

I can tell you from personal experience there is far more satisfaction in saying; “look what I built.”

In 2013 we should remind ourselves that the most valuable thing we can do is get out there create something.


3 Comments The 'have you seen' society

  1. Steve Sammartino

    I am a bit Sam… I am thinking about the negatives and positives this year. Re-assessing the true value of things versus perceived. Not just taking the wisdom of crowds and mass as a given. 🙂

  2. Jeff

    It’s become so much more easier to share versus create and/or many people would rather create 140 character streams of consciousness than to write a blog post with 300+ words. Instant gratification

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