2 types of work

The large majority of work we do falls into one of two categories:

  1. We make things.
  2. We organise things.

As entrepreneurs we will do well to answer these two questions in response:

  1. Which one of these types work do we prefer?
  2. How can we help the parties doing the other part we don’t focus on?

Smart startup founders know that both matter, and both need each other.


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  1. Sam Sabey

    Making is far more important than organising.

    In this reality convex we are all in, most people favour the organising over making. Everybody wants to be a chief… Roll in the MBA’s

    I tell you this. One cannot hope to organise unless one can understand the making.

    remember making is where the value is
    Organising is where the scam is.


  2. Steve Sammartino

    Of course there must be a rebut….. 🙂

    – Firstly, paper shuffling is a waste of time. And secondly, most big companies and people that organise are not needed at all…

    But, real organising, the true bootstrapping of an entrepreneur to get resources, put together a team, inspire people to buy our stuff, tell brand stories et al – all this value added organising is absolutely vital, and often the difference between doing well. In the first instance, before anything is built, some things must be brought together, physical and financial resources and human capital….

    So, while I agree the ‘thing’ or service is why we turn up or buy, there are important things that must be organised before any of it can happen.


  3. Sam Sabey

    nice one, I call all this stuff part of making things happen, and is a core part of the Make as far as I am concerned.

    The organisers I see tend to be gatekeepers whom for the sake of some process within an organisation prevent things getting done – and these people are a waste.

    Sam, @samotage

  4. Sam Sabey

    I suppose there are so many different names and labels for things – that to work out the answer, try and answer this question?

    Is what ever I am doing, plan, or need to do adding value? If it’s not, then do something else that does.

    Sam, @samotage

  5. helena sorensen

    Speaking of people who make things…
    Check out this post: http://www.greenprophet.com/2012/10/9-cardboard-bike-from-israel-izhar-gafni/

    Steve… would love you to do your thing with this & report back. Is it a viable option for one who would love to cycle for pleasure… along the corniche of the Arabian Gulf, here in Saudi Arabia… where women are not permitted to drive?

    yours in the spirit of freedom on wheels…
    a west coast canadian ex-pat posted to Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia

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