The duality

With great change, comes great tension. This tension often leads to a split between the opposing forces from which re-alignment may never occur. A favourite past time of many of us is predicting a winner – the eventual pattern that we’ll all follow.

No category is less pervasive in this arena than technology. But in reality it is becoming less and less about winners and losers, and much more about choice, fragmentation and tribes. An old axiom by Stewart Brand we’ll all remember is the one about “information wanting to be free”…. but it turns out that this story has an oft left out post script: He immediately added after this that “information also wants to be expensive”, which was a far less quoted caveat.

In a world were control is dissipating, and startups are changing everything, we ought remember that both directions can be equally valid.


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  1. Sam Sabey

    This reminds me of your other post

    Paper shufflers vs. makers.

    The makers add the value, the paper shufflers by means of the excel program have worked out how to steal it.

    This is the cause of the duality, and why making will prevail to the peril of the paper trails.

    Sam, @samotage

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