The end of Fredrick W Taylor


Taylorism defined our world for the best part of the past 100 years. Even in marketing realms. During the mass media era, we could use tested methods to go to market with predictable success – so long as we had access to the right resources.


Rapid change and fragmentation is the new normal. While we are half way through planning, someone else will arrive and do it different, cheaper, better and in a way we never quite expected. Both in terms of what they build and how they spread the word.


Our mindset when it comes to startups and business (isn’t everyone in business a startup now?) should be fluid and philosophical. It’s time to drop the template and best practice six sigma bull crap.

It is very hard for a best practice to exist when something has never been done before.


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  1. Mark Truelson

    Great post Steve. Frederick W Taylor was a true Management Pioneer. A icon in an era where he is probably viewed as one of the great Innovators of the 20th century. It is hard to conceive now but Taylor battled against a system where incompetence and inefficiency was rife. Whilst the former may still transpire we have made efficiency a ‘true science’. This science parlayed to increased productivity and Six Sigma acolytes. This has led to an unsurpassed century of productivity gains. Bravo! However, productivity moving forward will be about human fulfillment. Taylor’s Management model needs to be blown up. I have a dream that we will all wake up every morning pumped about going to work. A workplace that is more passionate, creative and human. I dream of businesses where an electric current of Innovation pulses through each project. A workplace that is deserving of the rich talents of its maverick force. A workplace where stories of renegades trump those of the reactionaries. It is a dream for everyone who feels they can make a difference and see life beyond the status quo of management. It is about inspiring Love in the workplace, everyday!

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