Brands that have fun – Toyota Prius

There’s something about brands that know how to have fun. I reckon the Toyota Prius fits in this category. Their recent advertisement asking the crowd to work out the plural version of the word Prius is very catchy. (I’m a long time jingle lover). It’s also a cool way to build some anticipation and awareness of the new range

Is your brand having fun?




  1. Your post shows a great deal of brand loyalty as well. Despite getting charged $500 to replace the key to get into your car you’re still actively promoting the brand.

    1. Actually, they didn’t charge me the $500 in the end – after I told them how loyal I was 😉

      There is certainly something ‘irrational’ about the brand which appeals to me – must the the #stuffwhitepeoplelike element. For the uninitiated you can read the post here:

      But, yes Ned – you got me there.

  2. Hahaha, I actually have not ever seen this video. I liked it, I have often gotten into arguments with friends about how to pronounce the plural of Prius. Thanks for showing me that I am not the only one that is confused!

    The Green Guerilla

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