Seagull Management

I heard a great new (old?) terminology the other day called “Seagull Management”

Fly in, shit over everything, steal any hot chips or good food and fly away.

Of course all the other seagulls fight over the food that was stolen in the first instance. It’s an intersting idea we see in many corporate scenarios, less often in start ups.

Here’s an alternative idea “Koala Management”

Give birth to new things, put them on your back while you teach them to navigate the world, nurture them until they are strong enough to stand on their own two feet (four claws?).

No wonder seagulls have such a bad name, where Koalas are so loveable.



  1. You sure koalas are lovable? They are riddled with chlamydia, they are vicious, and have you every heard them rooting? – I’m guessing it ain’t fun for the female.

  2. In my Ansett days we used to refer to the senior flight attendants as ‘Seagulls’ because you’d have to throw a rock at them to actually make them fly.

    My business is in its 13th year and I’ve had the same IP lawyer and accountant since the beginning and my main graphic designer and writer for 10 years. I much prefer the long term associations because they work like partnerships.

    Lots of tough love from the Sammartino clan!

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