As we embark on new projects we hope will be the one, a lot of money gets invested. Hard earned money we’ve saved from busting out a living on week days. The left over money after we’ve paid the mortgage and paid the bills. Sadly, much of it never returns. It’s easy to feel cheated when our projects don’t pay off.

But let’s for a few moments consider the alternatives:

A flat screen TV

Dinner at fancy restaurants

A better car

A new gadget for the kitchen

Other stuff which will eventually gather dust


Turns out the money we lost in startup projects was never really wasted. In fact, it wasn’t lost at all. It’s the investment we have to make to get that elusive win. The alternatives are very poor substitutes with zero chance of a return. Which means we should never be afraid of investing in our projects. What we should really be afraid of is succumbing to pointless consumption.



  1. Another way to look at this is:

    …what else would I be doing with my time?

    At either rate, it’s an investment in ones self, learning, growing etc. As soon as we stop doing this, we start dying.


  2. Agree with Both Sams…

    I liken it to sepending money on education… at the end of the day if you learn something its not a waste….

  3. Hmmmm, why is consumption the only other option? Couldn’t I have invested my ‘hard-earned’ in the entrepreneurial toils of others? Or donated it to a worthy cause? Or backed the Pies to win the flag?

    Your sentiment and message is valuable, but don’t misrepresent the choice set cus…

    1. Agree… but the blog is all about participation in “active capital” rather than “passive capital”. That said, your sentiments are correct. It’s an equally wise choice to invest hard earned in ventures of others. thanks for pointing that out.

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