The Jesus moment

One thing we need to build into our startups is the Jesus moment. We have to have one.

Startup blog definition:

Jesus moment: One thing which makes our people come back another time.

it’s got to be so compelling, that can’t refuse to check us out again. it’s not usually a whole bunch of things, rather a single thing we do better which makes us worthy. It’s why they’ll switch to us. it’s what we are focused on.

Brand which have the Jesus moment built it, invariably do better and live longer. It may not be there when we launch, but it must be what we are striving for.



  1. Hey Steve,

    Would you please provide some examples of Jesus moments. I live in Seattle, and we like to think we have several brands here with compelling service that keeps their customers coming back: Nordstrom, Starbucks, REI, Alaska Airlines.

    For instance, twice at different Starbucks the local manager has given me something free because they were out or behind on that item. Once it was coffee filters, and she gave me all they had left, for free. Another time, at a different Starbucks, it was the replacement glass for a French press coffeemaker that had been on back order or had not arrived as promised. She just opened a new French press and gave me the glass container, also for free.

    Also, have you seen this term work, shall we say, non-defensively, like with Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, or non-religious entrepreneurs and customers?

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