My cousin recently purchased a new home. For most of us such a large financial commitment is quite overwhelming.

During the settlement process Chris had a discussion with his conveyancer about the impending transaction and the issues in his mind. His conveyancer said:

“Look, I know this isn’t the type of thing you do everyday, but I do. And I’ll make sure it runs smoothly and you get looked after.”

Such a simple statement showed terrific empathy. It built confidence in the service provider, and eased the mind of the customer. It’s this type of language which creates conversations and can set apart entrepreneurs.

Language matters. What language do you use?



  1. It’s pretty much everything you want to hear as a customer – and he nailed it down in only two sentences! I think if you really “share” instead of “just talk”, you are half-way there at the top of great customer service. Don’t say “I will send it out”; say “I will pack it now so it can go out today; you should have it by tomorrow”. And then actually send it out that day, of course. 🙂 Making people feel that they are actually talking to a real person and not some handbook-driven corporate slave is one key point to step out of the crowd.

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