How to be remarkable – Mr Price

Do stuff that people just have to tell their friends about. This I am about to do.

On Monday I had the pleasure of being invited to a restaurant for lunch with colleagues. The place is called Mr Price. It is run by Mr Price himself.

Upon entering you know you are about to have a different experience. An experience which is extremely unlike any other restaurant meal. The decor and mixed demographic alone is evidence of this:





As you can see from the photos above it could well be your favourite Aunties or Grandmas. But it’s Mr Price. And what Mr price does is open his restaurant (home?) in North Melbourne at lunch time only, 5 days a week. He only serves who ever gets the four tables he has – that’s it. Each table gets served once. He decides what to cook that morning which will include 1 entree and 2 main meals. if you don’t like it – too bad. (Believe me you’ll like it).

Mr Price comes out and greats your personally and provides you with the menu of what is available on the particular day. It will be given to you on a hand written piece of paper which he writes himself. He has very neat hand writing. He’ll have a nice old chat and is a very well spoken articulate man. Once you choose your meal, he retreats to the kitchen to cook it. Oh, he’s also the waiter.

At the end of the meal he comes around the tables and has a little chat. It was during this time that he told us that he likes to sleep in and after doing the dishes, he shuts the doors and goes home until the next day.

Mr Price is a nice guy. Mr Price provides an experience. Mr Price isn’t like other restaurants. Mr Price is remarkable.

What are you doing to make your startup remarkable?



  1. Amazing indeed… It is such a warm and unique experience to have lunch at Mr Price that you absolutely HAVE to tell your friends about it.. a sure word-of-mouth earner.. From a business point of view, he has a niche market, knows it well, connects to his customers and gives them an experience they cannot forget – enough to turn them into strong advocates for his business and refer others to it. I’d guess this would also be a great way to feed into his related catering business..

  2. I believe Gary (we’re old friends now) said he was open Friday nights as well which is when the new piano gets played.

    I’m excited about the idea of getting 15 friends along for an underground restaurant type experience there.

  3. Ok – so let’s do this – Organise a night for 15 people to come along. We already have 3 from what I can gather. Me, @midlycurious is well ‘curious’ and wants to come…. and you Michelle.

    Other startup blog readers put your hand up for an awesome night…


  4. proposed Dinner date is Friday October 15th – if Gary (AKA Mr Price) is not booked.
    Dinner attendees include: @sammartino @mildlycurious @secretshq @stevehopkins +1 @lilylauren @andrewsayer @jwswj @CheyanneBrae @ivoteforart +1

    We’ve just added @ginamailcia and @jetsettingjoyce @rosshill @lucio_ribeiro

    Wait listed we have:
    @jadecraven @amir_nissen @fionaK

  5. We’ve been to Mr Price’s for a number of special lunches with Dr Terry Cutler – always a wonderful experience. So you have no more seats left – I’d love to come if you can wiggle me in.

  6. I’m Steve’s +1 – his housemate!! Would love to join you all – count me in! Are we looking at Thursday 15th or Friday 16th Oct? Looking forward to sharing an idea with y’all around another dinners initiative!

  7. Mr Price’s Foodstore is indeed a magical and mysterious restaurant. A forthcoming episode of my YouTube magic show will feature Mr Price and his mystical abilities regarding the culinary arts. Stay tuned good people, you’re in for a treat!

  8. First they tried to debunc Santa Claus…I wouldn’t wear it…it’s still beer and cold pizza on the table every Christmas eve…then they tried to turn my teeth in to mere used body parts…the fairies were furious…they’re still a bit pissy….

    So don’t you dare try and take Mr Price away from me…just don’t….Geez, I only found out about him yesterday….:-P

    Bluddy cynics….I suppose Lance Link Secret Chimp is a trained iguana? :- P


    Stephen G

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