Creating rituals

Greg Borrowman, the editor of Australian Hi-Fi magazine, has another one. He thinks we’re yearning for what was lost when analog music yielded to digital.

“CDs have no personality; they’re set and forget,” he says. “With vinyl, it’s ritual. You slide the LP out of its sleeve, then deftly remove it from the inner dust jacket, making sure not to touch the playing surface. You place it on the platter with both hands, like an offering. You clean the record’s surface and perhaps the stylus. Only then do you lower the tonearm to be rewarded with the music.”


What rituals are you creating for your startup?


2 thoughts on “Creating rituals

  1. He’s just trying to be hardcore. You go through the same process with CDs – you check out the cover art, crack open the case, pull off the CD with that nice ‘click’ sound, then you brush off the dust and dirt before dropping it onto the CD tray. The servo spins it up before a flow of crisp sound spews from the speakers, and if you are listening to an artist who values the process – you are flicking through an awesome set of artwork from the cover.

    I think this might be a generational thing. I can see where he is coming from and vinyl definitely feels better on your fingers because the materials are more tactile. I would argue that downloading a mp3 is quite boring but I’m sure others may disagree.

    The world is changing, but we love a bit of nostalgia.

  2. You’re right Ross, that is ‘his ritual’ and we can have a ritual with whatever we love, whether it be espresso coffee, a morning jog or the way we get ready for work. The important thing for business is creating stuff from which rituals can evolve.

    Nice comment.


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