Startups in 13 sentences

This is brilliant – in fact Paul Graham from Y combinator has summarized the startup blog belief system in these 13 sentences, which kinda makes me wonder how I’ve managed over 700 entries on this here little blog.

Click on the link below and watch Paul actually write about startups in 13 sentences. Just awesome

Startups in 13 sentences


4 thoughts on “Startups in 13 sentences

  1. Sorry Tom…. I really didn’t know who did it… it was the first time I saw it and just loved it….. which is kinda cool cause I had no idea how successful who wrote it was – just liked it. So now Paul Graham is clearly referenced and I am enlightened. Which let’s face it makes this blog all the more rad because it means I am not just agreeing with the latest trendy start up guy…. but what I believe in.


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