While driving I saw a billboard advertisment for Harley Davidson. I didn’t get a photo… but we don’t really need one. I can explain it instead.

It had a big picture of a Harley with this copy line underneath it:

331 screws included

Now that is radvertising simply because these three words say so much.

Craftsmanship, Detail, Big, Hand made, Care, Tailored, Complete, Traditional, Customised... I’m sure you can add a few superlatives as well.

It’s a pretty damn good follow up to a recent campaign they ran which I do have the visuals of below.




Steve – founder rentoid.com

One comment

  1. Harley are a fantastic example of building a “cult” around your product.

    They are my “go to” example of a successful differentation strategy. They manage to convince consumers to pay substantially “over the money” for a product that doesn’t offer high performance, new technology or innovation. Instead their bikes (and the experience of owning them) offer huge emotional attachment, clearly understood imagery, and (as these ads highlight) genuine hands-on engagement and personalisation.

    Curious that there is no mass-marketed car equivalent…

    Cheers, InternationalBS (the artist formerly know as dr dre)

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