Can be a huge time waster. The irony for us in startup land is that it’s our job to stay informed.

Startup blog advice: If you need to stay on top of a broad topic find a good aggregator.

Someone who’ll cover stuff when it becomes important enough for you to know. Seth Godin does this for me as far as web 2.0 and new marketing is concerned. Startup blog does this for you as far as keeping your mind thinking as an entrepreneur should.

Got some good short cut summary sites? On new technology, web sites, new businesses? Add them to comments.


  1. It is so time consuming to stay up to date 😦
    Finding a good site which keeps one up to date is a good tip Steve. I also utilize Google Reader. Will look for good websites and “RSS” it so if I have time, I will just scan through them like reading the newspaper…hahaha…looking for updates 🙂

    Hope that helps!

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