Why Statigram rocks

A few days ago I blogged about the serious advantages of embracing an open API. And just recently I’ve come across another great example of an startup using it to full advantage. The tiny idea, yet mobile app phenomenon Instagram has been mashup up by the uber rad Statigram. And I love it.

What Statigram does:

– It provides statistics on your instagram feed (hmm obvious)

– It shows who we interact with the most

– Timelines on our usage patterns and filters

– Churns your stats into really cool infographics ‘about us’

– Allows us to send private messages to followers

– Details on our tag patterns

– It even has photo printing capaibilities

… in fact, here’s a little photo essay of some of the cool stuff it does from my @sammartino instagram feed so you can get a good feel for it. There is no doubt in my mind that Statigram will end up being acquired by the API forefather assuming it continues its rapid growth trajectory.