Top 10 things more valuable than post graduate studies

I teach marketing part time at Melbourne University, and many students come and ask me about what they should do in their post graduate studies. I tell them that post graduate studies are useless unless you want to be an academic or scientist. So here’s a top 10 list of things to do instead of post graduate studies which will make you more learned, more employable and a better entrepreneur:

  1. Learn a language (Mandarin or Spanish would be my recommendation)
  2. Start a blog (on the area you want to be an expert in)
  3. Master the art of public speaking
  4. Make your home Eco friendly
  5. Mentor someone
  6. Read one non fiction book per month on a new topic
  7. Learn a musical instrument
  8. Learn to grow food
  9. Renovate something (car, dinning setting, local park, house, tree house, anhything that can be renovated)
  10. Do a part time startup business.

The reason suggestions are more valuable than post graduate studies is that they create wide perspective, most post graduate studies narrow perspective. We are entering the age of symphony, where the real value in life and business is created by our ability to make commercial music from seemingly unrelated topics and ideas. Broadening your horizons will make you a better conductor of the symphony, or at very least give you some very interesting stories to share with those you want to do projects with.

Add your better than more ‘formal’ studies idea in the comments.


Domain name speculating

I recently got an email from a domain name provider called It was about selling domains names with some recent examples. The title of the email was ‘Your domain name could be worth big dolllars’.

Here’s a screen grab.

Picture 70

It’s easy to think that this type of behaviour is ‘unethical’. But the reality is we live in a capitalist society. Speed and noticing opportunities is a key business skill. So my view is if you’ve savvy enough to find and speculate on domain names and make some cash – good luck to you. There is no shortage of examples of people who’ve made a bundle doing it.

So how to do it? Well, here’s a couple tips on some people have done it:

  1. Spelling mistakes of popular domains. Then sell advertising or back to original (
  2. Buying the .com of popular country specific domains. Eg – they sell advertising.
  3. Moving quick on new words, phrases entering the common vernacular. (eg tweet, roadrage, soccermom)
  4. New brand name launches
  5. register technology advances, and economic terminology. (
  6. Short words of a made up nature. Popular for startups.

I’m sure you can think of some other ideas, or methods used in such speculating…. be sure to add them in the comments.

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