The future is in 'Sight'

Every now and again a cyber punk film comes along which is futuristic, yet plausible. That’s when I get excited. And I’m very excited about the short film Sight. Based on the simple idea of living a fully connected life, yet the execution is pure genius. Think smart phone, think geo-locating, think facial recognition, think the Google glass project…. think all this and more. I very much dig the fact that this was a graduation project from an Arts School – more proof that the tools are in everyones hands today, and that creativity is greater than resources.

In the end we always build what we imagine first… and we imagine things which are within the realm of our reality.

As far as I can tell – this is inevitable, that time just hasn’t elapsed yet. Enjoy!



Address is approximate – Imagination is vital

I came across this piece which is a totally brilliant mash up on of film making and Google maps. There is no real technical genius in this. A few simple time lapse techniques is all it is. The real value is the imagination need to think of this new use of an omnipresent technology. As I have said before the art of business in the new world is taking the seemingly disparate and creating new meaning.

This almost made me cry. Enjoy.
[vimeo w=400&h=225]

Address Is Approximate from The Theory on Vimeo.