Who is the worlds greatest entrepreneur?

Steve Jobs?

Bill Gates?

Richard Branson?

Not even close… it’s not a billionaire, not even a millionaire…

It’s William Kambkwamba. William personifies the meaning of the word ‘Entrepreneur’. He has done more with less than any of those above. In all probability William had as little a resource base available as any living person in the free world. This is no exageration.


Here’s why he is the worlds greatest entrepreneur:

– He had no financial resources

– He could not even afford to go to school, had no formal education

– He had to make it work with junk he found lying around

– He is self taught

– He created something incredibly complex

– He did it from a guide in what was then, a foreign language to him

– He built something for the good of others, to help his village

– He was not motivated by money

– He defied ridicule

– He is humble

William is the greatest entrepreneur in the world. William is one of the greatest inspirations I’ve ever had the fortune of being exposed to. Read up on William. Google him. Watch the Youtube videos on William. Absorb what William represents and re-consider what you beleive to be hardship next time you have a tough day. I do.


Door knocking – Duncan Bannatyne

This a true story about how UK entrepreneur Duncan Bannatyne got his start in business. He now has a net worth estimated at £320 and is the 167th richest person in Great Britain.

Bannatyne was told by his mother that, due to the family’s lack of money, he could not have a bicycle. To amend the problem he asked the local newsagents if he could have a paper round job and was told he could have one if he could get a list of one hundred interested people. Duncan painstakingly knocked on many doors and with extreme determination eventually had a list of one hundred customers. Armed with this list, young Bannatyne received the job and eventually a brand new bike.

old school bicycle

Startup blog says: there is a strong relationship between being able to knock on doors and becoming successful entrepreneurs.