The lifecyle of awesome

As far as I can tell the life cycle of awesome is in perpetual decline. Every day we all get sent something that’s awesome. Something that’s great. Something that’s shareable. and every day we make a judgement. A decision whether this piece is worth sharing. There are so many things to share, and so many places to share them, that the stakes get higher and higher for what qualifies – it has to. Which means that when we see something amazing, it’s only amazing for a little while. It means the window is very small and getting smaller.

Today I saw something awesome. A simple video projection come moving art, come installation, come viral video. It was very next level. In fact the guy show sen it to me (Rohan) said it was ‘off chops’. You can see it below. But what I’m really wondering is, for how long can we keep going to the next level until there is nowhere left to go?



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  1. Matt

    Good point Steve. From a broader perspective if awesome or ideas are decaying quicker, i fear the next big idea that has the potential to move us forward as a race may pass us by.

  2. Steve Sammartino

    Exactly, what I was trying to articulate. Thanks for adding that. The danger is that it ideas become like a drug of sorts where we need a bigger high to feel or see anything… and so we miss everything.

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